Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dancing on my cellphone

Well, doesn't everyone? Dance on their cell phone, I mean? No, not on it, silly! When you are talking on it! I do, especially in this house - the cell reception is horrible! With a capital "H"!! If I can, I just talk on Skype, because, we don't have a landline and I get tired of walking and dancing around the house, trying to find just the right spot - then finding it - then that spot going bad - then finding another nauseum...

The only problem is not all of my people that I want to talk to are on Skype yet. I've been trying to talk everyone I know into downloading it, but, that is a slow process, I am finding. Cell phones just drive me crazy most of the time. I hope they get better in the next few years.

Getting out with friends

My girlfriend called me up on Friday morning and asked me if I wanted to go out and have coffee with her. I was so busy, but, I totally knew it would be good for me, so I said, "Sure!" And we had a really nice time together. The coffee shop that we go to is on the town square, so after we were done with our coffee, we visited a couple of the shops on the square. One of them I have been wanting to go into for a long time. They had the absolute cutest things! They had handmade purses, beautiful jewelry, and gorgeous little makeup mirrors. Oh! They even had a purse made out of a football! It was really neat, even though I don't like football! I've been telling Sammie for a long time that we need to go in that store and look around, and I was so right! Only - if I had had Sammie with me, I'm afraid I never would have gotten out of there! Haha! She does want to go, though - even more now, after hearing me talk about it. It was really good to get out with my friend and hang out for a little while, even if all we did was window shop!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Daily prayer makes all the difference

I have to say that I am still amazed what a difference daily prayer makes in my life. When I remember to hit my knees in the morning, and at night when I go to bed, my life runs a lot smoother and a lot happier. Maybe I don't even want to say 'happier'. It's more like - fulfilled. That is it - I walk through my life feeling more fulfilled when I am 'plugging into the source' twice a day. I love the way this one older gentleman I used to know would talk about it. He talked about it like plugging a power cord into an electrical outlet. I love that analogy, and I can really wrap my brain around it.

I do think it's funny that after several years of sobriety, I am still amazed at the power of those two tiny little bits of action on my part. Amazed I am, though.

I realized this morning that I hadn't been praying for several days - this is what has it on my mind. I don't know when I stopped or why I stopped. One might think with all the rush of Thanksgiving, I would forget to pray. That wasn't it, though. I specifically remember praying while my mom and dad were here. It was such a special time we had and I remember talking to God about it. I talk to God a lot during the day, but, those times on my knees are much more 'in touch', if you will. And I remember being 'in touch' with God when Momma and Daddy were here.

You know what I bet it was? And this is so super silly. Sometimes when I go to bed at night, Lucky is in my way, and it is very hard to kneel down beside the bed. Put 120 pounds of dog in my two feet 'hallway' between my dresser and my bed, and things are a little cramped. Ha! You should see me trying to get up in the middle of the night to pee! That's a funny sight!

I don't really know if that is what it was that caused me to stop, but, I do know that, just in case it was, I shall pray at the end of the bed at night if I need to do so. It's weird, because, in the morning, I just hit my knees wherever, sometimes even in the dining room next to a chair. At night, though, I'm so picky about how my bedtime routine goes. I guess I better nip that in the bud!

Ok, so ya'll remember to 'plug in' tonight - I know I will! (And thanks, Lloyd - for the cool analogy!)

I'm still eating the cheese, Momma!

Am I gonna get sick? Am I gonna die? I hope not! I cannot stop eating the cheese ring that my mother made for us at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving? Yes, thanksgiving. I just cannot help, but, eat it - it is so good! I have had to eat it rather slowly, because, I've had horrible indigestion these last few months. And since I didn't have a food processor, those onions are killing me. Or maybe they would kill me, even severely processed. Or maybe the itty bitty bit of Tabasco sauce is killing me. I have no idea, but, I just know that my precious cheese ring makes my life worse. Wah.It's not all that pretty anymore, either - is it? And it sure doesn't look like a ring - ha! We had to shove it into a Tupperware so it would stay fresh. Yeah - fresh. See, here's the thing, cheese is milk that's gone bad, right? So if it's already bad, I'm okay, right? Haha! Seriously, it tastes just fine. And it is oooooh, so good!! I just can't stop eating it!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Isn't it funny how the TV's are all stuck to the walls?

I've just been noticing that more and more lately - that people just aren't using tv shelves anymore. We went out to eat last night, and it was a deli sandwich/bar type of restaurant and they had a big flat screen TV up on the wall. And another place we like to go is a Mexican restaurant that has two big flat screen TV's on the walls. They have one on each side so no matter which way you are sitting, you can see one of them.

And then earlier this afternoon, a friend was showing us some pictures of her newly-redone living room and I noticed that her TV was stuck to the wall and she had a tiny little table in front of it to hold the DVD player. And I just thought it was so funny, how everywhere you go - the TV's are all stuck to the walls!

Ours will be once we bring it upstairs from the basement. There is no place to hang it on the wall down there, so we had to use the little stand thing that came with it and Mark put it on one of his chests. No, not his chest - one of his chests! Silly!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lucky! You're supposed to do that at home!

My sweet dog, Lucky, who I usually refer to as 'Puppy', has developed an icky habit lately. You know I've been making an effort to take more walks. And half of the time, I take Puppy with me. And the little monster ('little' meaning: dear, sweet, honeybaby - we all know he's not little!) is defecating in neighbor's yards!! What?! That is not how we do it! He has been an at-home-pooper all his life! I mean - all his life! What on earth happened? If this keeps up, I'm going to have to go shopping for some pet supplies. The plastic bag over the hand thing is just YUCK! I'd like to find a pooper scooper like my dad had once - it was this really cool contraption, that would keep your hands totally clean! Clean is definitely good when it comes to my hands. But that's a whole 'nother issue we'll discuss another day!

Don't stay up so late!

I'm completely worthless today. I was semi-functional for most of the day, but, since around 1pm, I've been a lump in front of this screen. I stupidly stayed up last night until 12:30am! What was I thinking? I know full well that lately I've been very tired - even falling asleep for the night one night at 7:30pm! And yet, I go and stay up that late!

I've got lots of work that I could be doing right now, but, I am so uber sleepy, I am half considering going to bed! You know what time it is here? It's only 4:30! Isn't that crazy? I wish I had an in-house movie theater - that would be just perfect right now. I mean, really - I'd hate to go to bed at 4 in the afternoon! But if I could get cozy in some home theater furniture, relax, and watch a movie - that would be perfect!

One thing is for sure - you won't catch me staying up that late again any time soon! Sheesh!