Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I am so ready to be skinny again!!!

I am so sick and tired of being fat!! Just completely sick to death of it. It is just so hard, being over 35, and having had three kids, and having had a hysterectomy - it's like I have all the cards stacked against me. It would be so cool to be part of a market research study for weight loss and get some free help with it! Who knows? I might even get paid for it! There used to signs on the side of the street in Dallas about some program like that. I would really love to find something like that right now, because I am just done. Done. I am so entirely sick of not feeling like I am even being 'me'. That part about it is not only very weird, but also, very uncomfortable. And I am ready to be Lisa again. Naturally.Winking 2

+Benjamin Roethig Test, test, this is a test. Just came here to zap a spammer and saw this notice that this (mentioning G+ peeps) could be done. So you get to be the guinea pig. Yea!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Party in Orlando

I was just reading on another blog about a party some people that I know are having tomorrow. Only problem is, the party is in Orlando. Man! I would really love to go to that! It seems that there is always something happening in Orlando that I want to go to - one thing after another! If I had an Orlando rental home, this would never be a problem, now would it? Well, except for maybe gas money to get down there - it's only eight hours away, though. That's not really that far. I wonder what their 12 step meetings are like out there. It might be fun to hit a meeting or two, meet some cool people, and head to Disney! Sounds like a blast, actually!

Getting financially healthy

A lot of people these days are really focused on getting more financially healthy. I constantly run into, or hear from, people who are in financial classes to learn how to better handle their money, and how to get a handle on their debt. My brother and his wife were in one, and they just loved it! One good way to get yourself on the road to a more healthy financial life is consolidating. For example, student loan consolidation - often this can reduce your monthly payment up to 50%! That is a big difference! And in addition to dealing with just one lender, you can lock in a low, fixed interest rate that will not increase. Another very good thing about it is that you can work on upping your credit score, because you will have less open accounts. That right there is a great reason to do it, if you ask me! Getting truly healthy means working on all parts of our lives, and that includes our pocketbooks!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today is my birthday!

I am 37 today! Wow! I can't really believe that - I mean, I see me saying (typing) that - but, I'm just not really sure it's in reference to me. I'm really just some snot-nosed kid. For real.

A 37 year old, dare I say it - grown up? What? Not me!

Well, anyway, according to my drivers license, it's the truth. Weird.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Healthy Habits

I haven't made the list yet, but, I am getting there! I think the thing that I am having the most trouble with lately is working the exercise back into my daily routine. I got out of the habit and now squeezing it back in amongst my blogging, housework, and various 'Mom' duties, is kind of hard. You know how it is when you feel like you just don't have an extra fifteen minutes, even - to add something else in.

And I feel so stuck with this 'losing weight' business - sometimes I get so frustrated with it. I was thinking today about jobs that I could get to help me lose weight. One time, when I was working at a drop-in daycare center, I lost ten pounds in a month without even trying! And I mean, we ate ALL the time at the daycare - we were always nibbling! It was great! Being a golf caddy would be another job that would be good for weight loss - heck, it would probably be great! I imagine carrying around someone's Ping golf bag all day over 18 holes would be quite the workout!

But I am just not willing to work outside the home right now! Especially with school fixing to get out for the summer. And it certainly doesn't help that I no longer have a car!

I am enjoying my online work too much to quit, anyway! And there is no way on God's green earth that I could handle doing both!

(I used that expression the other day - 'God's green earth' - and Mark said, "You know - from space, the earth really looks blue." Well - ok then. Thank you for that information! LOL!)

Anyway, hopefully, I will get back on the exercise train SOON!

Monday, May 7, 2007

I will practice Healthy Habits today!

I am so determined to do everything on my Healthy Habits list today!! Determined, I tell you - determined!

I have already said my morning prayers, so I am off to a good start.

Except I think Mark farted just before I knelt down beside the bed.....I almost suffocated, so my prayers were truncated! Uh - yeah! But - they were said, darnit!

I have had quite a few days where I am just missing one thing or another, but, I don't think I've actually completed it in a while.

And I also want to add a daily meditation to the list - I'm not sure if I'll add it today, but, I do want to do it today. As soon as Mr. Farty gets up and leaves for work!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Armpits and stuff

I took the last antibiotic yesterday - I was taking them for tonsillitis, which is gone, and supposed folliculitis, which remains unchanged. The doctors say that I have folliculitis in my armpits and that is why I have large lumps there. I have been on two different antibiotics for it now, and I have changed deodorants, changed soaps, started using a loofah, and now, according to the second doctor's advise, have temporarily stopped shaving my armpits. I just went to see the second doctor a little over a week ago, and he told me to stop shaving for a couple of weeks. So there is still some more time that maybe they could get better, I suppose.

I just feel really uncomfortable about the whole thing. And maybe more of it is my hypochondria than anything, but, I do have a bad feeling about it. Could I be dreaming up problems in my head? Sure. But there just hasn't been any change, so that is making me nervous.

I think, more than anything, is my lack of access to medical care. We don't have insurance, and we don't qualify for Medicaid, and it scares me to think that I am putting care off because I can't afford it, and then find out that early intervention would have helped me. You know?

But I have gone to two doctors now, so I have set the ball rolling. So maybe I just need to chill out a little bit.