Monday, July 30, 2007

Dreamy Branson

How's that for just plain dreamy? That is a four-bedroom lodge in Branson, Missouri. I, personally, would like to call it home - not vacation spot. I would kill for a home like that! And I've heard so much cool stuff about Branson. I've just had fun this morning checking into some Branson real estate - I've found out all kinds of cool information, including how great their schools sound! Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but, I'm thinking of Branson, as the place where an asian guy who is a FABULOUS country singer or something, went and turned this place into the next Las Vegas. And now it has all these casinos and stuff. I think I might be way off base here, folks. Someone correct me.... But I did read some wonderful things about the place. Along with a great, hip and happenin' night life, they've got amazing geographical beauty and wonderful outdoorsy stuff to do! You know I dig that! And like I said, it also sounds like they've got really great schools! Anyway, my family and I stayed in a lodge like that in Colorado, and I just loved it - I think it would so cool to actually get to live in it!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A vacation from summer vacation

I could sure use one - I'm completely exhausted. I was meandering around on the web and I found some really nice sites in Pennsylvania that I would like to see. It would be really cool if I could take a little vacation there. It would be so relaxing to stay in a Pennsylvania bed and breakfast. And then each day, head out and see some cool sites. There is a really neat building built by Frank Lloyd Wright there. It's called 'The Falls' as it was built right on top of a waterfall. I've always been interested in architecture by him. There was a theatre in Dallas that we used to go to that I was told was built by him, too. The house embodies a very powerful ideal - that people can learn to live in harmony with nature. I love the sound of that! And speaking of nature, I'd love to see some of the beautiful foliage that surrounds the falls in the Poconos, that are known as the 'Niagara of Pennsylvania'. It really does sound like a beautiful place - a really good place for me to get some rest. ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Boys can be so silly

Those of the grown-up variety, that is. See, Mark's been taking the kids out shopping for all of their school supplies. So I asked him to get me some more Pens, because, the kids have stolen all but ONE of mine off of my desk! They were sort of nice ones, too, that he had bought me for Christmas. So you know what he did, upon hearing that request? He went over to the cabinet where he keeps all of his office stuff, got me out one black pen, and handed it to me. 'Here ya go', he says. I tell ya, when it comes to spending green stuff on people, grown-up boys just don't like it! Ugh! I'm gonna have to take the checkbook and go get myself some damn pens! Might buy a little desktop safe to keep them in, too! Grrr!

More about my office

I posted yesterday about finally being ready to use a real desk. Well, we have a new thrift store in town and they have everything - and yes, they have office desks. When my mom was in town we went over there and looked around. It was kind of sweet, because, it reminded me of my mom's old business she had with my uncle when I was a little kid. Yep, the desks were that old. But, you know what? Some of those things were still very sturdy! And I bet that is probably where I will go to get one. I mean, if I wanted a computer desk, I could easily buy a new one. I just don't like those. Nope, I want an actual desk. And a new one of those would be way too expensive.

So frustrated with my weight

I haven't been doing so well with taking care of my weight loss. And I just was outside with Sammie and her friend, and as I was coming inside - watching my reflection in the storm door really bummed me out. Some days I think of just using something like a diet patch, but, I know it's about so much more than that. If that would even make a difference. I need to work on what's inside, so that I become more willing to take care of what's outside. And life just gets so hectic, you know? Or perhaps, more like probably, that's another excuse. Ugh. This is so hard. It's so simple, but, it's so hard.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm getting a new laptop

I am so excited! My dad just bought a new computer for himself, and guess who is getting his old laptop? Yep, that would be me! I have been wanting a laptop for a very long time! There are just so many instances when I want to get OUT of this office and continue to do work. Sometimes it is a beautiful day and the kids are playing out front and I would like to go out there and watch them and just hang out with them. And sometimes when the kids are at school and I would like to just go sit outside with Puppy. There was a day not too long ago when Mark and Sammie and I were sitting on the balcony and I wished that I had a laptop then, so that I could sit out there with them and still work. And there are a lot of times that I am not feeling well, and would rather work from the couch or my bed. Any way you slice it, I am just totally excited about this! Parents can be so cool sometimes, you know?

Me and my honey

The other day Mark took us to see a house for rent that is so cool! It is two stories, with a full basement, so basically - three stories. It had a detached two-car garage, and a church was two doors down. That would be so cool to get up on Sunday morning and walk to church! Two doors down! And it had a golf course across the street, so Sammie and I got started talking about golf. And then we meandered over to the topic of mine and Mark's first date. And that sweet little girl has just got my stories down! I love that! She remembered that the 'first date story' involved golf balls, or a golf ball, I should say. We had gone miniature golfing, and you know how on the last hole, you are supposed to hit your ball into the hole, and back it goes into the building, to be used again? Well, I didn't do that - it was my first date and I wanted a memento of it! I was keepin' that ball, darn it! And I did - and do you know that has been fifteen years now that I have been hanging onto that thing? I can't believe it!

I'm finally ready for a real desk

I just love this table that I've used for a desk for years! It is just too high, though. When I was in Dallas, and I was typing on my sister-in-law's office computer, I was the FASTEST typist! It was awesome! So it helped me finally be ready to get an actual desk. I will definitely keep this table for working on, but, just not for computing on. The table is so high, that I have to have my chair on the highest setting, so my lap is not parallel to the floor - and my ankles get all swollen up. I am pretty sure that that is because the nerves on the back of my legs are being pressed - or the blood can't flow down there easily, or whatever. And I know this is so wrong - but, my forearms lay flat on the table when I'm typing. So wrong. But I've really liked it that way for a long time. But I'd love to go get some real office furniture, so that I can type faster and easier and so that my legs can be more comfortable. I just always hated those typical 'computer desks', because they are so darn small. What my sister-in-law had that was so awesome was a little tray for her keyboard. So that is what I would love to get - a regular office desk, and a keyboard tray! That would totally rock! If I am really going to do this working from home, I have got to make my office environment friendly to my physical well-being and right now it just isn't.

Allergy attack!

This has turned out to be quite a rotten day. I woke up with an allergy attack, as I do almost every day. This morning, however, it would not go away! It was awful. Mark had bought me some medicine that my brother recommended, that wouldn't make me drowsy. It didn't help me, though. So all I have to rely on is benadryl, which of course, makes me very drowsy. The morning attacks usually go away a little while after I've gotten up, but, this morning that did not happen! I wound up having to take benadryl and so now I'm Miss Zombie Queen. I had to even go lie down for an hour. I can't get a whole lot of blogging done lying down in bed!

I have no idea if this is just coincidental or not, but, I took my shower this morning. And I am just wondering if that made the attack worse. I can't quite explain how I think it might work, but, I am relating it to Sensory Integration Dysfunction. I have done a lot of research on SID, and have family members, including myself, who have it. But with SID, when you get out of the shower, it is like you are raw - raw and vulnerable. Nerve-ending-wise. So if one is in a more vulnerable state, one could react to what one is allergic to in a stronger way. Do you see what I'm saying? Anyway, I'm not sure if it really could be that way, but, I'm thinking it might.

I really want to get some type of prescription for my allergies, because, on days like today, my entire schedule gets flip-flopped around because of the dumb attacks! I think there are prescription meds, that would not make me drowsy and work better than that other one that I tried! It is hard, though, to make the decision to actually go to the doctor, because we don't have insurance. Life sucks without insurance, and we really need to get some! It is just so damn expensive! And then you still have to pay $40 for a visit - at least, that is what we had to on our last insurance. We do need to get some more, though, if nothing else at least children insurance so that we are safeguarded against any major medical issues. I would love to get all five of us on a plan, but, I just don't know if we can afford it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Expired face threading

Ok, it's more like my hair just grew back, but, my face threading has expired!
Winking 8
When we were in Dallas, my sister-in-law, the coolest ever chic on the planet (Hi Tracy!) asked me if there was someplace in particular that I wanted to go while I was there that she could take me to. And as we'd already had food from my favorite vegetarian Chinese restaurant, the next thing on my mind was face threading. There is a nice little place right by Tracy's house that does it for a very good price!

If you are wondering what exactly face threading is, check here: Threading (epilation) Wikipedia, I just love that site!

Well, so anyway, I just noticed yesterday, that my eyebrows are starting to look a bit scruffy. That is a long time! That is totally awesome!

I am going to have to start doing some investigating and see if there is someplace around here that offers this service! I absolutely love it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My teenage skin

"What? Teenage skin? Lisa, you're 37 years old, what are you talking about?"

Well, my face seems to think that 'we' are teenagers again, in that I break out so easily. Now, I will admit to not being the most regimented about washing my face like I should, but, my skin is usually okay. Lately, I break out in these tiny bumps on my forehead and full-out pimples on my chin if I am not good about washing my face. And it still just seems to not look as healthy as it used to.

So I've been thinking lately that I should try real skincare products, as opposed to just bar soap. (Yes, bar soap. But - to my credit, it is Lever 2000.) And I've also been thinking a lot about sun protection for my face. My mother has already dealt with two spots on her face - one was cancerous, and the other was just pre-cancerous, I think. I've never worn product on my face, not even base, so I have had a hard time finding something that feels good and doesn't irritate my skin.I was looking at the Emerge Skin Care site, and I found a facial moisturizer with SPF 30 that is formulated specifically for sensitive skin. I would love to try that! Their products were developed by a team of dermatologists and chemists, and their tagline is 'Where Science Meets Beauty'. I like the sound of that, because, it makes me feel extra safe about using their products. That might sound silly, but, like I said, I've never worn any product on my face. I've never worn moisturizer or base or even normal sunblock (which always burns). So I am extra picky, I think, about picking out a sun protection formula.

And I would also like to venture away from my bar soap routine and try some actual facial cleanser, for this silly face that is revisiting my youth! Emerge has a sensitive skin formula that has chamomile in it - that sounds great!

I really need to start taking better care of this old face! Emerge would be a great place to start!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Get-Moving clothes

I had originally titled this, 'The clothing dilemma of a fat chick' - but, decided that was too negative. I am at an odd place with my weight issue, one of absolute honesty and bluntness. I have been there for a while now, and I am finding it quite interesting. It is basically like this - you know how when you're fat, you like a shirt that is a lot bigger than you, around and long, so that you can 'hide' underneath it. Well, recently, in my newfound bluntness, I am not caring if my shirt actually fits, you know, like it should. See - this is a twisted web we weave. Normally, I 'hide' under my clothes because I'm not willing to 'say' to you, "I'm fat." Funny thing, you knew I was fat. But in my not 'saying' it to you, I was hidden and safe. It's just about getting honest with myself, really, like being able to 'say' to you (in clothing or in words), "Hey, I'm fat." So that is why the original title came to mind, but, I am now swinging to the other end of the pendulum, as we all so often do when we are growing and changing. And I am wanting to be careful to be honest, but, not to be negative. So, anyway, that's that and that's why the title changed. Funny, this explanation will probably wind up being longer than the original topic I wanted to talk about!

So, anyway, on to that original topic, shall we? The dilemma we face as larger people is that we want lots of clothes to cover us up. Hide all of our insecurities and make us feel safe from the world outside. I don't, however, often feel motivated to 'get moving' in such clothing. Jeans, for instance, although they nicely 'hold me together' - they also 'hold me together', thereby prohibiting a lot of free-flowing movement.

I have bought myself several tank tops this summer and I've had some athletic shorts. And I've tried to make a habit of wearing them. And the really cool thing is, I don't feel too awful in them. Let me tell you what I do feel, though. I do feel LIKE MOVING! And moving is a VERY GOOD THING! Even if I don't actually 'exercise' on the day I'm wearing them, I dance around and stretch all throughout the day, because, it just feels so good to be wearing these clothes! I will take the stairs more - sometimes go up and down them twice just for the heck of it! I do have two staircases at my house, so there is lots of opportunity for that!

I actually wore jeans today, but, I've been meaning to post about this for a couple of days now. And I'm excited all over again about the 'freedom of movement' and 'freedom from fear' that I've found in wearing tank tops and shorts so I think I will definitely have to wear them tomorrow. I know, to some people, this might not sound like a very big deal. And then I know there are some people reading this and nodding with total understanding!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Puppy weighs....

120 pounds!!!!

Can you believe it???

I'll leave the poll up for a bit so you can see the percentages, if you wanna.

My beastly boy...awww....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Honorary badge and getting focused!

Today I get one of these:It's an honorary badge - just like colleges give out honorary degrees - I'm giving myself an honorary 'List Complete' badge! See, I haven't actually completed the list in quite some time, however, I did some SERIOUS exercising last weekend! We went to Canyon River Falls and went hiking around and had a great time. And one of our hikes almost killed me! So I'd say that qualifies me for a badge! Winking 5

I am, however, concentrating on getting back on track since we've been back from Texas. I seem to always miss a thing or two, but, I'm working on it every day. I have a lot of friends online focusing on getting healthy and that is inspiring me and helping me out!

I am so grateful that so many of my friends are on the same wavelength, because it helps so much. There are so many days when I just completely pretend I have nothing to work on and completely ignore my health. With all my friends talking about it all the time, though, it is hard to BS myself!

Pictures of my overweight beast

Some of my voters (who need to re-vote, by the way) Winking 2 have informed me of the unbelievable unfairness of my poll! "There are no pictures, Lisa" they've declared!

So I am here today to make things right! Pictures of my precious beastly beast:

Now - to be fair, the above photo was in the summer of 2004, he was only one and a half years old. I have a shortage of pics due to (ack!) extreme data loss when my poor PC crashed!

This next one, is a bit more fair, as it is at his last birthday party, October 8, 2006 - his fourth birthday. So it is definitely more recent. In the photo, he is eating his cake I made for him. Yes, I made him a cake. Hey - did you get cake on your birthday?

So there you have it, folks - the pics that will help you vote and entertain me while I try out this new Blogger poll feature.

Aren't my horses pretty?

How do you like the new digs? I was really getting sick of the left sidebar being so wide, and when I couldn't fix it myself, I decided to go with a whole new theme! And I am so happy that I did! I just love this one! This blog is all about rekindling the real nature of Lisa, and almost nothing touches my spirit more than horses! I just get such a warm, happy feeling looking at them. So this is good.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Orlando locksmiths restore peace of mind

I know that I have definitely had my peace of mind and serenity restored by a locksmith - on more than one occasion! I am the queen of locking myself out - of my car and the house! It's just such a horrible feeling, but, locksmiths have always been available to help me out in my time of need. (Not to mention, in my time of 'Lucy Ricardo-ness'!) Winking 2 And I never really thought about it before, but, locksmiths can restore your peace of mind in a number of ways. They are actually security professionals and they can install and maintain all kinds of things to make us safer and make our homes and offices run smoother. They obviously can do anything with any locks or safes you may have, but, they also can install burglar and fire alarms, surveillance systems, intercom systems, and even phone systems. If you are in the Orlando area, Locksmith Orlando has the best prices and products in the industry, using state-of-the-art technology for the safety and security of your home and/or business. They are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. And they are continually upgrading their knowledge, expertise and equipment. Their staff is polite and friendly, and available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with your needs. Their website is really helpful because it has tons of information on it to help you figure out just what kind of help you need. They have a contact form right on the site where you can fill in your contact information and list what kind of help you are needing to get a free estimate. But you will also find the toll-free phone number all over the site, should you need emergency help.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mommy and Puppy better get moving!

Oh my goodness! I just can't believe it! Everyone has been telling me that Puppy is overweight, but, I just can't see it. I don't know what they're talking about.

Now I know exactly what they're talking about! Hubby took him to the vet the other day and when he came home and told me how much he weighed, I almost fell out of my chair! Anyone want to take a guess how much he weighs? Oooh, I might just have to use Blogger's new poll feature! Yeah, I think I will! I noticed it yesterday and wanted to try it out - now is my chance!

See, when we went to Dallas, it was so cool because my other brother, who lives in Pueblo, got to come, too. Which was totally awesome because I haven't seen them since Christmas 2004! And, you see, David is a veterinarian. And he told me that, yes, Puppy is definitely overweight. I told him that I just didn't see and I wanted him to show me where he sees it. So that way I would know what to watch for and once we trim him down, not let it happen again. We got distracted with all of our goings-on, though, and he and I both forgot about it. Hopefully I will notice it as he starts to lose weight.

I have cut back his daily dog food, and cut out almost all of his people food. Shhh! When he and I get up in the morning, we have bread together. It is our tradition. And sometimes at night when he is begging me for more dogfood (because he hates his cutback portions!) - I will give him a piece of sliced cheese. Hey! Rome wasn't built in a day, people! Puppy and I have to get used to this new 'plan for living', you know!

****Ok, I've added the poll - ya'll go vote!!