Friday, May 4, 2007

Armpits and stuff

I took the last antibiotic yesterday - I was taking them for tonsillitis, which is gone, and supposed folliculitis, which remains unchanged. The doctors say that I have folliculitis in my armpits and that is why I have large lumps there. I have been on two different antibiotics for it now, and I have changed deodorants, changed soaps, started using a loofah, and now, according to the second doctor's advise, have temporarily stopped shaving my armpits. I just went to see the second doctor a little over a week ago, and he told me to stop shaving for a couple of weeks. So there is still some more time that maybe they could get better, I suppose.

I just feel really uncomfortable about the whole thing. And maybe more of it is my hypochondria than anything, but, I do have a bad feeling about it. Could I be dreaming up problems in my head? Sure. But there just hasn't been any change, so that is making me nervous.

I think, more than anything, is my lack of access to medical care. We don't have insurance, and we don't qualify for Medicaid, and it scares me to think that I am putting care off because I can't afford it, and then find out that early intervention would have helped me. You know?

But I have gone to two doctors now, so I have set the ball rolling. So maybe I just need to chill out a little bit.



Retta said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! ((Lisa))

Lisa said...

Thank you, Loretta!!!