Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cool people along the journey

There are people in our lives along the journey that have a very strong impact on our lives. One of those people in my life was my Uncle Pat. He was just the coolest! He was the happy-go-lucky, let's have fun guy in our family. He took us on a Florida vacation one year that was a total blast! It was the first year that Epcot opened up. Along with loving him for his "fun-ness", I was also able later in life to connect with him through Alcoholics Anonymous. He was a recovering alcoholic, and when I was sixteen, he would go to an AA meeting, his daughter would go to Alatot, and I would go to Alateen. And then a few years later, I was going to AA meetings, too! I was working for him when I first tried to get sober, and I remember him taking me out to lunch and our having long talks together. He was very influential in my life and I cherish every memory I have of him. He went to Heaven in July 1990 and I miss him so much, but, I'm so glad that we had the special times we had together!

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