Friday, June 29, 2007

For the hip and trendy woman

You know, that used to be me - hip and trendy. Yep - in another life. That was me, for sure. And I am kind of starting to really miss that. I am coming out of that stage in my life where the kids need and demand so much of me and I am sort of re-becoming Lisa. There is a great site that I've found that will help me keep on top of the latest trends, too. From fashion to restaurants to events, will keep me totally in the know! It is a very cool site that anyone can sign up to and add to the content, to share with everyone the coolest new shoes, spas, whatever's you have discovered! This is a fabulous use of Web 2.0 and a great example of another application of such! I am just really excited to watch and see the different niches and the different ways that people are making use of social networking software. And for those of us gals who want to know who's who and what's what, this is a perfect site!

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