Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I am so ready to be skinny again!!!

I am so sick and tired of being fat!! Just completely sick to death of it. It is just so hard, being over 35, and having had three kids, and having had a hysterectomy - it's like I have all the cards stacked against me. It would be so cool to be part of a market research study for weight loss and get some free help with it! Who knows? I might even get paid for it! There used to signs on the side of the street in Dallas about some program like that. I would really love to find something like that right now, because I am just done. Done. I am so entirely sick of not feeling like I am even being 'me'. That part about it is not only very weird, but also, very uncomfortable. And I am ready to be Lisa again. Naturally.Winking 2

+Benjamin Roethig Test, test, this is a test. Just came here to zap a spammer and saw this notice that this (mentioning G+ peeps) could be done. So you get to be the guinea pig. Yea!


Jules said...

What does the hyster have to go with gaining weight? TELL ME! LOL! Getting paid to lose weight! FUN ;)

Lisa said...

Well, I kept my ovaries, but, two years later I had a hernia surgery - which combined with the hyster - threw me into menopause. That lovely time in a woman's life when NOTHING WORKS ANYMORE AND SHE IS OUT FOR BLOOD ON A DAILY BASIS!


Did they take your ovaries?

Lisa said...

It sure would be fun to get paid to lose weight!! :D

Talk about motivation!!!

Retta said...

I am ready to be skinny again too! If only we could get paid. I picked up information on Alli (new weight loss aid thing) when I was at the pharmacy yesterday.

Lisa said...

You must tell me more!! :)

Eve said...

I would love to get paid to loose weight! LOL

DSB said...

Me too, girl! I hate being the 'fat friend' and hearing 'she has a pretty face, but....'

Yet each time I start doing well, I get off track and lose sight of my goals and then get overwhelmed by my lack of commitment.

Vicious, I tell you!

Lisa said...

I know, Eve - wouldn't that be so cool??

Belle - dude! You just described it perfectly!!