Monday, October 22, 2007

Mean old blood-drawin' lady!!

Let me tell you what my captions say, as I'm just getting the hang of my JengoFett! Ok, it's not really called that - but, that's just how I remember it! It's really called Jing - you can find it at It's really pretty cool, I'm just not that great with it yet. Anyhoo - counter-clockwise from the top.....(1) Those are birthmarks! Not ouchy! (2) Ouchy #1. Regular blood-draw bruising. Site of needle prick. :( (3) Even made the crook of my arm red. Wah! (4) Ouchy #2. Site of pure evil. In 22 years of psych. treatment, never had one of these. WTH is it, anyway? A blood blister? A blood somethin?

Ok, and then I just had to include an 'un-touched' photo for pure documentation purposes. Either that, or I'm just a weirdo.

Yes, it is true. I am a wimp. And I'm also a nerd who likes to show off her 'injuries'! HA!

Anyhoo - had some blood drawn today to test the level of Tegretol in my system and to make sure it's not completely killing my liver - yet.

And I was horribly injured! Horribly! It was awful!!

Ok, I might just be exaggerating....just a tad. But, I did find it interesting that I got some type of blood blister thingy this time. That's never happened before. And even the crook of my arm was reddened.

I think my body just would like to keep all of it's blood. Thank you very much.


Retta said...

Ouchy!!! My arm hurts just looking at that picture. Ouchy!!!

Lisa said...

I know, right? Mean ol' evil lady!!!

She made the rubber tie it on my arm thing hurt too!