Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ok, so I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box....

You know that ouchy arm of mine? Ok, yeah - so well, my arm has been hurting up by my shoulder, so after I got out of the shower....I put some Freeze It on it. And it helped, but, now my elbow is hurting. But, that's neither here nor there...

Back to that dull crayon business...I was in the kitchen doing dishes, and I got hot in the corner there with all that hot water running. So I was sweating a bit.

Here's where I get dumb. I take off my glasses to oh-so-daintily wipe the sweat from each side of the brow with each shoulder....in my most feminine way, of course.

However, if you will step back a line or two ....to where I said I put Freeze It on my shoulder?

Yeah - I rubbed it all across my eye! Smooth!

I felt my face getting tingly warm, and I thought, 'What the heck?'

Yeah, so - I wiped my eye again - with a clean section of my shirt. A non-Freeze It'd section, that is.

My vision was blurry for about half an hour, but, I think we're okay now. Yeah.

Just remember, folks - Freeze It + eyeballs - not the best combination! Like I needed to tell you that! It's only us Lucy Ricardo-types that need that information actually shared with us!

Oh yeah - and that ouchy arm? It looks worse today - you know how bruises go through their loverly array of colors....

I'll try to snap a pic if the camera will cooperate - it keeps eating the batteries!


Retta said...

I came pretty close to getting Freeze It in my eye when I had it on my poor arthritic hand! I did get it on my face and it was definitely weird feeling on there LOL

Lisa said...

Yeah, kinda creepy - like, 'hey! that's not supposed to be on there!'

I put some on my hand the other night when it was hurting and the only reason that I thought to even do that was that I saw someone do it in one of the videos. It irritated my dry skin, but, it did help the pain somewhat.