Thursday, December 13, 2007

Daily prayer makes all the difference

I have to say that I am still amazed what a difference daily prayer makes in my life. When I remember to hit my knees in the morning, and at night when I go to bed, my life runs a lot smoother and a lot happier. Maybe I don't even want to say 'happier'. It's more like - fulfilled. That is it - I walk through my life feeling more fulfilled when I am 'plugging into the source' twice a day. I love the way this one older gentleman I used to know would talk about it. He talked about it like plugging a power cord into an electrical outlet. I love that analogy, and I can really wrap my brain around it.

I do think it's funny that after several years of sobriety, I am still amazed at the power of those two tiny little bits of action on my part. Amazed I am, though.

I realized this morning that I hadn't been praying for several days - this is what has it on my mind. I don't know when I stopped or why I stopped. One might think with all the rush of Thanksgiving, I would forget to pray. That wasn't it, though. I specifically remember praying while my mom and dad were here. It was such a special time we had and I remember talking to God about it. I talk to God a lot during the day, but, those times on my knees are much more 'in touch', if you will. And I remember being 'in touch' with God when Momma and Daddy were here.

You know what I bet it was? And this is so super silly. Sometimes when I go to bed at night, Lucky is in my way, and it is very hard to kneel down beside the bed. Put 120 pounds of dog in my two feet 'hallway' between my dresser and my bed, and things are a little cramped. Ha! You should see me trying to get up in the middle of the night to pee! That's a funny sight!

I don't really know if that is what it was that caused me to stop, but, I do know that, just in case it was, I shall pray at the end of the bed at night if I need to do so. It's weird, because, in the morning, I just hit my knees wherever, sometimes even in the dining room next to a chair. At night, though, I'm so picky about how my bedtime routine goes. I guess I better nip that in the bud!

Ok, so ya'll remember to 'plug in' tonight - I know I will! (And thanks, Lloyd - for the cool analogy!)

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