Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm still eating the cheese, Momma!

Am I gonna get sick? Am I gonna die? I hope not! I cannot stop eating the cheese ring that my mother made for us at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving? Yes, thanksgiving. I just cannot help, but, eat it - it is so good! I have had to eat it rather slowly, because, I've had horrible indigestion these last few months. And since I didn't have a food processor, those onions are killing me. Or maybe they would kill me, even severely processed. Or maybe the itty bitty bit of Tabasco sauce is killing me. I have no idea, but, I just know that my precious cheese ring makes my life worse. Wah.It's not all that pretty anymore, either - is it? And it sure doesn't look like a ring - ha! We had to shove it into a Tupperware so it would stay fresh. Yeah - fresh. See, here's the thing, cheese is milk that's gone bad, right? So if it's already bad, I'm okay, right? Haha! Seriously, it tastes just fine. And it is oooooh, so good!! I just can't stop eating it!

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