Sunday, December 16, 2007

Getting out with friends

My girlfriend called me up on Friday morning and asked me if I wanted to go out and have coffee with her. I was so busy, but, I totally knew it would be good for me, so I said, "Sure!" And we had a really nice time together. The coffee shop that we go to is on the town square, so after we were done with our coffee, we visited a couple of the shops on the square. One of them I have been wanting to go into for a long time. They had the absolute cutest things! They had handmade purses, beautiful jewelry, and gorgeous little makeup mirrors. Oh! They even had a purse made out of a football! It was really neat, even though I don't like football! I've been telling Sammie for a long time that we need to go in that store and look around, and I was so right! Only - if I had had Sammie with me, I'm afraid I never would have gotten out of there! Haha! She does want to go, though - even more now, after hearing me talk about it. It was really good to get out with my friend and hang out for a little while, even if all we did was window shop!

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