Sunday, December 2, 2007

Isn't it funny how the TV's are all stuck to the walls?

I've just been noticing that more and more lately - that people just aren't using tv shelves anymore. We went out to eat last night, and it was a deli sandwich/bar type of restaurant and they had a big flat screen TV up on the wall. And another place we like to go is a Mexican restaurant that has two big flat screen TV's on the walls. They have one on each side so no matter which way you are sitting, you can see one of them.

And then earlier this afternoon, a friend was showing us some pictures of her newly-redone living room and I noticed that her TV was stuck to the wall and she had a tiny little table in front of it to hold the DVD player. And I just thought it was so funny, how everywhere you go - the TV's are all stuck to the walls!

Ours will be once we bring it upstairs from the basement. There is no place to hang it on the wall down there, so we had to use the little stand thing that came with it and Mark put it on one of his chests. No, not his chest - one of his chests! Silly!

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