Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm needing to update my look

I was thinking last night and today that I might trim my hair and color it again. And then I came across the coolest new online tool to help me decide what I want to do to make myself over. It's called and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I could do that just about every day! What a fun way to try out new looks!

I had a little trouble, because, my hair wasn't pulled out of the way completely - so I had to pick a hairstyle that had hair on my face. Ok, here, let me show you what I mean:
See how I left hair on my forehead on the right side, and how you can see the length of my hair - so that limited my choices of what I could pick. But it mostly limited me to choices I would have picked anyway.

Don't I look cute!!! I have wanted to do purple highlights for a long time! And now I've finally gotten to see what it would look like. I've done pink highlights plenty of times, in fact that is what I have in my bathroom right now that I was considering doing tonight. But I haven't done purple ones yet, and I think they would look so pretty!

It was so much fun putting on the makeup and so amazing that it landed in the right spots, with so many obstacles in the way. The biggest of those I think would be the way that my left eyelid sags, but, the makeup still looks pretty good! That was just so much fun! (Did I already say that?)

This software was so detailed, down to shape of your lips! It was so cool, and there were so many things to add and do. I mean, just for lips, there was lipliner, lipstick, and lipgloss! I only used lipgloss, because, that is all I do in real life. And there was celebrity hair and just plain hairstyles. And then, of course, all of the color and highlights and lowlights. Oh, and you can make the hair wider and higher, if need be.

The details are just awesome - this was just a ton of fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh you sexy thing! I love that!

Anonymous said...

Love the purple!

Unknown said...

I love that look on you! Are you going to grow your hair out again!?! It's awesome!

Hewy Nosleep said...

Wow! That is pretty cool!

Unknown said...

@ Jules - Thank you, mama! Wanna hook up later? ;)

@ Alli - Thanks, sweetie!!

@ Retta - Thank you, honey! I've been thinking about growing it back out, yes - but, this time with bangs!

@ Hewy - Why, thank you kindly! :D