Sunday, November 18, 2007

I conquered 'The Beast'!

The other day I was telling you about my 'Little San Fransisco' neighborhood that I live in and how I was going to 'Conquer the Beast' - the big hill up the street from me. Well, I did it! I conquered The Beast! It was hard, and I had to stop once in the middle to catch my breath and make sure my legs hadn't fallen off, but, I made it!

This was last Wednesday, and I haven't been back out since - so I've done a horrible job with my LiTaWaMo. I have done wonderful, in that I keep getting 'back on that horse'!

We've had a lot of chaos in our lives lately, though. My middle son just got sick with asthmatic bronchitis and missed a whole week of school. My daughter just celebrated her eleventh birthday and had some activities at school, and my parents are coming into town in a couple of days.

So I'm still plugging along, but, I'm not getting out there every day. The cool thing, was that my husband had just bought some new batteries for my camera - so I took some wonderful pictures of the fall colors around here on my walk. I don't think I'll take my camera every time, as it was kind of obnoxious carrying it. And I wound up taking about one hundred pictures that day. If I kept that up, I'd have way too many pictures to deal with!

I really want to get out there and walk tomorrow and Tuesday, so that when my mom is here she and I can walk - she loves taking walks and it is so beautiful out here, that it will be nice to be able to to do that with her. And I figure taking walks the next two days will loosen me up a bit for it.

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