Monday, November 19, 2007

I pinked my shag again!

Well, ok, it might not exactly still qualify as a 'shag', but, it is definitely layered! And I have once again added pink to it! And I have a young friend up in Canada (Hi Alyssa!) who recently had some pink highlights put in, as well! And so I tried to do a 'dedication chunk' to her, but, I discovered that it was really tricky to get a 'chunk' of hair colored when your hair is so layered. I did it as much as I could, though. Here's my 'Dedicated to Alyssa' chunk:
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Ain't it pretty? I just love that shot! I only wish the chunk had been from the top of my head down, but, that was two separate sections of hair, because of the layering, and so I couldn't figure out how to do it without making a big mess!

And here I am, being a total weirdo, stretching up so you can see the pink chunk:
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That wasn't working so well, so that's when I decided the closeup would be better.

And here's just me:
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Hopefully, you can see in that shot, there's a good bit of it in my bangs, too. And then I did the highlights very softly all around and a bunch on the tips. I like the way it came out.

It's so much fun to do, and it gives me such an uplift to my spirit. I really enjoy doing stuff like that to my hair - it just perks me up a bit! And it's so easy on the checking account, because, since I'm only doing highlights, and my hair is now short - I got to use that same box of color around four times! So that is definitely cool! If I had to go spend $65 every time I wanted this done, it would be such a bummer! It's fun to have it done professionally sometimes, but, I sure wouldn't want to pay that all the time!


Cynthia Blue said...

I love it! I have done purple... I love colors in my hair.

Lisa said...

Thank you, Cynthia! I would love to try purple! On the Manic Panic site once, there was a girl with dark brown hair who had purple and blue - and it looked so pretty! I would love to try that - but, I would definitely need help!