Thursday, November 8, 2007

LiTaWaMo setback

Well, I had another bad migraine yesterday, so my walk didn't get taken. And I didn't have any extra walks from prior days to bank on this time!

So I'll just have to take two walks today. I might walk the dog first, because, I have to be gentle with him and not take him too far or on too steep of hills, because, he is handicapped. We have had three different diagnoses from three different docs - hip dysplasia, spinal deformity, leg deformity. The last vet (curse him!) went so far as to call my sweet Puppy 'lame'. Lame? Way to break a mother's heart, dude! And shoot! This dog could outrun that doc any day! Just not for long distances. He is good at short spurts, you know?

So I'll take him on his semi-easy walk, and then I think I'll attempt 'the hill'. Does that sound ominous? Haha! I call my neighborhood "Little San Francisco" and the hill that is on my street is ...WOW! It's a monster!

I'll see if I can take a camera with me and snap a picture of it for you!

So I'm getting back on the horse! I also didn't blog on for NaBloPoMo yesterday, and I'm really bummed about that. But I'm just going to get back on that horse, too!

A fresh new day - a fresh new perspective!

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Qtpies7 said...

Lisa, my husband just did a google search on "codec" and installed a windows XP version, and then it worked. I don't know what else he would have done, but I was able to use it then. He has a remote control of peoples computers from his work, so I wasn't really paying attention to all of what he did. I was cooking supper while he messed with it from his work.
Let me know if that works for you.