Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Healthy habits for Monday, January 22


I had a migraine, so Puppy and I just went on a short walk - but, we got moving! And the hills in this neighborhood had both of us huffing and puffing - even on a short walk. My head is much clearer today, not completely gone, but, almost - so hopefully we'll go longer.

And I didn't drink my water until right before bedtime - ugh! - I knew I was going to regret it, but, I wanted to get my to-do list 'right' the first day, at least! LOL!

Oh, and I got all cozy in my bed, sitting up reading my book (and I was freezing, so under the covers was a good place to be!) when I realized I hadn't hit my knees! Yep - outta that warm bed I came! LOL!

Hopefully I'll do better today. ...but, if not, we'll try again tomorrow!

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