Thursday, January 25, 2007

Healthy habits for Wed, January 24


The weird thing was that Puppy and I went the same exact way we've been going on our walks every day - and for some reason, I got a cramp in my side this time. Weird.

Maybe my body is just starting to feel it or something - oh heck, I don't know...

I do have to admit I took a diet pill yesterday and I really shouldn't take those things! They give me such bad indigestion, I feel like I'm dying!

Not to mention, they have ephedra in them, although it's been argued that it's safe now - who can tell?

And maybe, or no, really - not even maybe - I really just shouldn't be taking them with my psychiatric medication. I didn't ask the doctor, because I didn't want him to tell me no.

Now how mature is that? This affects all parts of my health - my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical! If I'm sort of being sneaky to take it, etc. Not good.

But - this blog is for reporting and recording my steps in this journey, and so I am going to honestly do that.

I only have one or two of those pills left - thank goodness - so even if I do it again, I can only do it again one or two more times!

The funny thing is, I bought them at the health food store. When people were dying from these things, it's like - "Come buy our products at the health food store - to die." uh..yeah.

I just love the energy level and stamina I get from them. But I know that with all of my efforts, my energy level and stamina will increase! So that's cool!

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