Friday, January 26, 2007

Healthy habits for Thurs, January 25

Not done.

Total bummer...

Let's see - first off, I forgot to hit my knees in the morning, so I did it at 1pm. LOL! I am sure God is happy I'm checking in, anytime of day - but, well - it sure helps starting your day off with it instead of halfway through your day...

Then - you know, come to think of it, this morning I realized that I may have forgotten to hit my knees at bedtime, too. I really can't remember - but, I went to bed a bit late, and really tired - and since I can't remember - I bet I didn't.

The other thing I missed was getting my body moving - total bummer!

Puppy was none too happy about it, either! LOL! I could see him getting excited and expecting that we were going about the same time we go every day - and I felt so bad, but, I was still busy on the computer. Hopefully we'll make it today!

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