Friday, February 2, 2007

Healthy habits for Thurs, February 1st

Ha! I just realized when writing(typing) out the title, I never even changed all the calendars in the house! Funny - I usually love doing that, especially the one from my mom full of pictures of the kids!

Well, I was just getting back into the swing of things yesterday, so...

No - I didn't totally make it on the daily to-do list, but, that is only because I didn't 'move my body'. But I was an energetic crazy woman last night - runnin' around doing some straightening up, etc - going up and down the stairs constantly for this, that, and the other! So I was 'moving around a lot'!! So - compared to the rest of the week - I'd even say that passed for 'moving my body'!

So I'm going to change my answer - YES! I made the list yesterday!


It's so great to feel better!

I was singsonging this morning...."I'm not sick, I'm not sick..."


EDITED TO ADD: oops!! I forgot - I didn't read yesterday, so ok, maybe I didn't make the list - that's ok! heehee

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