Thursday, February 22, 2007

Healthy habits for Mon, February 19

Nope - didn't make it, but, to be fair - I had six kids at home all day.

It's kind of funny, with all those kids, but, all I missed out on was my exercise!

My daughter had a friend over, and we were taking care of my two nieces.

So it was a noisy and hectic, although happy and fun, day.

I have a lovely friend, Cass, who has eight kids at home - every day - they're all hers!

I could totally do that, but, I think it would be all about the kids. I don't know that I could do all of my online work, as well.

But I guess, one adapts, and maybe I would be as proficient as Cass! Who knows!

I always did want a lot of children, but, nature intervened...

And I'm sure it turned out just like God wanted it. So I shall live vicariously through my friends like Cass!

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