Thursday, February 1, 2007

Everything is connected to everything

And there is a natural flow to it all, if I am letting the flow happen.

It never ceases to amaze me, when the flow happens ...and the connections happen

Ok, bear with me while I spill it and see if I can make sense doing so.

Where to start? How about with yesterday....

I'd been sick for five days, still attempting to plug away at the computer, blogging, making money, etc...

Tuesday, I kept saying to myself, 'ok, I'm going to go lie down in a minute....' and never did and the next thing you know, the kids are home, and yada yada

So back to yesterday - I sat at the computer for an hour after the kids left, and then realized that I had to go back to bed. There was just no question about it.

Well, guess what? I got up later in the afternoon, and I felt a lot better - still rotten, but, a lot better. I was able to sit at the computer and get little bits of stuff done.

And then all of a sudden, I realized, I felt even better still. And then, when I woke up this morning, I felt even better still.

And it was funny - when I woke up yesterday afternoon, I had the most peaceful feeling - and I felt so very taken care of.

I often miss being taken care of when I'm sick, because my mother was so very good at it, and my poor sweet redneck man, is so ...well, it's just not his thing.

But when I woke up yesterday - I didn't feel the longing for that care. I felt I had gotten it. I just cozied up there in the cool sheets and felt wonderfully taken care of. It was so nice.

So - here's the connection... I met this wonderful gal through blogging - she is a fabulous life coach with a spirit like you wouldn't believe! Her name is Kammie. And I was reading on her blog today and I found this post: 7 Sassy Steps to Self-Loving YOU - in which my favorite, and the one that really resonated with me - was number 1:

1) What one thing could you commit to doing each day that showed YOU – you’re crazy about you? Pick one daily self-loving habit and stick to it. It reinforces to your subconscious that above all the other responsibilities and distractions in your life, you put yourself first.

And as I read it, I was nodding and uh-huh-ing, and saying, that is just in line with my daily to-do list! Wait! That is even more in line with my having gone back to bed yesterday! Going back to bed in the middle of the day is something that I just rarely do - I normally feel too guilty - ugh - there's that word.... (I've got lots of work to do with that icky word ..guilt)

And the really funny part is - the sickness BROKE - after I was willing to take care of ME!

Imagine that!

So should I go back to bed every day? Well, no - I mean - I know my mom's best friend has taken a daily nap all of her adult life - so I could. But I don't know if I will - that was because I was sick. I think I'll think on it, and add one thing to my daily list that is a little more ...oh...uh.... pampering, I guess you could say.

All of the stuff on my daily to-do list is good for me, and very self-loving, but, maybe I need to think of something that is a little more personal. That would be cool.

I was getting yogurt for myself every Tuesday, when I would pick up Sammie from choir, but, now that we are a one-car family for a while, I lost that little bit of self-love. Bummer.

I could get yogurt on Friday nights and then go to the local AA meeting at the church. There's a thought.


There is one more connection that I have been wanting to tell you about with all of this self-healing that my brain has been focused on lately.

My husband was home one day from work, and he and I went out to eat - Subway, that is a good place to go to treat yourself right in a good way! And then we went to my neighbor's book store. I love that store! It is so awesome - lots of old books, toys, even typewriters - and they even have a cat or two that live there.

They also have newer books, and I found a great one by Dr. Phil. (No eye-rolling, please - this is my blog and I happen to like the man. hehehe) The book is all about coming clean with yourself, being true to yourself, and living the life you want to live.

That is right where I'm at right now. How totally perfect that I would run into that book in my neighbor's used bookstore, just full of random books.

Marilu Henner is the first person I heard (read) say that - Everything is connected to everything. --- and it is so amazing to me - when I am open to my life, open to God, trying to live a spiritually, mentally, emotionally healthy life, the connections are everywhere!

It is so awesome.

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