Saturday, February 10, 2007

Healthy habits for Fri, February 9

Once again, all but the exercising.

And again, a good, productive day.

And since I had exercising on my mind all day, I was doing a lot of moving around at every opportunity.

Like usually, when I take Puppy out back, the cable we hook him up to is at the top of the stairs, I hook him up, he's goes down, and I go back in the house. I tried, as often as possible, to go downstairs with him and hook him up down there. That is what I used to do, anyway - before Puppy discovered that he could actually come upstairs while he was still hooked up to the cable.
And that had me going up and down those stairs all day long.

So any little thing like that, I tried to do. When I went down the inside stairs to the garage, to get his food, I went up and down the stairs an extra time, just for the 'move your body' effect!

I tell you, I was full of bounding energy yesterday! Don't know where it came from - but, really - it kept me 'moving my body' all day - even if I didn't actually exercise!

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