Thursday, February 1, 2007

Glory be! I feel better!

Oh thank God!!! I feel so much better today!

I still have quite a few of my symptoms, but, I don't have that God-awful-I-just-got-hit-by-a-truck feeling that sent me back to bed at 8:30 yesterday morning.

I went up and down the back steps JUST FINE! WOW!

The only thing that concerns me is my ear is still plugged up, so it could be the beginnings of an ear infection - but, maybe not...

Do viral ickies mess with your ears - or just bacterial? Because, really - the rest of me feels a lot better. The sore throat is not as sore, I'm hardly coughing, I only feel a little feverish....

So everything is going in a good direction, I just don't know if I still might need antibiotics.

Well, I think I'll wait it out and see.

I was thinking I might call my husband's friend in Dallas, and ask her if she could send me some Mexican antibiotics. She crosses the border several times a year for stuff like meds, and their awesome vanilla extract and stuff.

That would save a trip to the doctor, for sure! ....we seriously don't have the cash for that right now!

I'm just so happy to feel so much better today!

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