Monday, April 9, 2007

Armpit troubles

I have been dealing with lumps in my armpits and they have made me very nervous and worried. I think it would be odd to just happen to have cancer in both armpits at the same time, though. The first time I got them was during my last pregnancy, and the doctor told me at that point not to worry about them, as they were just swollen lymph nodes.

They went away, eventually, after the baby was born, and then they came back again last year, almost ten years later. I finally went to the doctor about them, and he seemed to think it had something to do with clogged hair follicles, or something like that. He gave me an antibiotic, and special washing and deodorant instructions. I've just been reading about the Tend Skin deodorant, and I wonder if that would be good for my situation. The product was originally formulated as a pain reliever, but, was accidentally discovered to be extremely helpful for ingrown hairs. Sounds to me like some 'un-blocking' is going on there, right? Could be just what I need.

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