Friday, April 6, 2007

Healthy Habits for Wed., March 4

Another good day - yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaw!!

This getting healthy stuff is fun! My house is getting cleaner, I am feeling better, my finances are getting better - it is an all-around job! How cool is it that with the littlest bit of effort, you get so much? And then you want to do more - and then things get even better, and so on, and so on....

I always liken it to that magazine advertisement where they showed what an iceberg looks like on top of the water - and what it looks like underneath the water - HUGEMONGOUS! Like my word? I try to explain to new drunks that come in how they just have to put in that little bit of effort - because often when we come in, that is all we are capable of - and how God will return the gifts to us tenfold. It really must be experienced to be fully understood, but, I always hope that I can show them by my walk....'these are the things not to do, and if you do these things, your life will improve' ....etc, etc

Ok, but, see - that doesn't really work, because, like I said - people need to learn from their own experiences and also, often when we get sober, things actually get worse. So that makes me a liar. Ha!

See - getting sober is a bitch! And the funny thing is, when you take away mood-altering chemicals - we get to feel things. Feel things?! Ugh... That can really suck.

And then there's always dealing with the wreckage we've left behind us...and at first that crap really sucks. What eventually happens is we change. A lot of our circumstances don't change - but we change, on the inside - and that is what makes life a whole lot better. Learning how to live, and be at peace, in a world of chaos. The ultimate gift. I just love it. I certainly don't have it all the time. And I certainly haven't had it much in the last few years - otherwise, I never would have started this blog. I am, however, getting back on track. And so all of this good stuff, and better way of thinking, is coming back to me.

And it feels great!

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