Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tonsillitis and folliculitis

Those are my two diagnoses from my doctor yesterday. That is a lot of 'itis'! And then, I figure, if I didn't take my antibiotic - I might wind up with laryngitis! And just how many itis's can we have?

Craziness aside, I awoke Tuesday morning with a 102 fever and my throat so sore I wanted my mommy! It was AWFUL!! Funny thing, too - because, we had just decided that this week would be a good week financially for me to go ahead and get back to the doctor for my armpit lumps that haven't seemed to go anywhere since the last doctor visit I had. Mark comes home Monday with all the debit cards I had given him to pay some bills, and tells me that one of them still has $80 on it and that I could go ahead and go to the doctor. On Monday night! Then I wake up Tuesday morning badly needing a doctor! Go figure!

I was way too sick on Tuesday, though, to even get in the car and go, so I waited until Wednesday.

And he feels that the lumps in my armpits are folliculitis, just as the other doctor had said, but, some of his ideas about dealing with it are different. Like - he wants me to stop shaving for a couple weeks (ewww!) and the other guy said to keep shaving, that it would help. And they differed on a few other things, as well.

He gave me antibiotics for both things, and hopefully I can finally have concave armpits again! And quit worrying! I mean, if it weren't for my kids, I'd be fine with dying. Everyone else has had lots of time with me, and I'll see them on the other side, anyway. I just don't want to miss out on all my kids' life experiences, you know?

Ok, ok, I do love some of you to pieces, it's true - and I don't really want to leave you - it's just, life is...well, hard. And well......tiring. And a long rest (like ETERNITY!) sounds kinda nice sometimes! LOL!!

Ok, we took a little side road trip there, people - let's get back on track, here, ok? I'm feeling a bit rotten still, still not quite on top of my game (like my Healthy Habits list!) but, I'm on antibiotics and on the mend. I have the opinion of a second doctor who agrees with the first in regards to my convex arm(not)pits and hopefully things are progressing positively in that regard, as well. Or would that be negatively? You know, like - less armpits? (Man, I hate jokes that you have to explain! Then they lose their punch. But sometimes, ok, most of the time - my mind is racing ahead without me - in several directions at once, and it goes on some quirky little sidestreets. And I obssessively follow it.)

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