Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I've been taking care of horses and dogs

See these two handsome boys?
They have been taking up a good chunk of my time. My mother-in-law has been ill, so I've had to take over care for these two sweet boys and her very demanding Yorkie-poo! And let me just tell you, taking care of these two huge beasts is way easier than the demands placed upon me by this shrimpy monster:Yes, he's cute. Yes, I love him. And yes, he's a MAJOR PITA!!!!! His name is Baxter, and he is now, THANK THE HOLY HEAVENS, back in his mother's care. He and Lucky do seem to enjoy each other's company, but, he is just too much work for me right now. I am still in charge of the sweet, darling horses, though - at least for a couple more days.

I love taking care of the horses, and I love bonding with them, but, I am exhausted, my house is a wreck, and my poor blogs are neglected. Well, most of them, anyway - I've been able to do quite a bit of posting at Hippie Spelunker. That's the only blog that's really gotten any love lately, though. I've just been too busy and tired to be able to fit in much more. I've been so tired, especially with all of this heat and humidity, that I've felt like maybe I needed a humidifier! Maybe I could get one like the one my mother-in-law borrowed from my nieces - it's in the shape of a duck! It's so cute!!

It is definitely filling my spirit up to be spending so much time with Doc and Leo (the horses), but, right now my focus is my online work and I just really don't have time for extra animals. It's kind of heartbreaking, because, for the first time in my life I have constant access to horses - something I've dreamed about for a very long time! But I have such incredible drive and passion for my work online right now, that it is overshadowing that long-standing dream of being with horses.

It is a strange place to be, really. I guess the things we want so badly in our lives 'right now' really do change. You know those things we long for so dearly, that we never think will change. And it's not really that it's changed, even. It's just that building my brand online comes first right now. And I feel a calm peace about the horses - like my time for that will come. And so I'm going to trust that it shall.

And now - I've got to go feed two hungry horses their dinner!

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