Monday, August 13, 2007

My sweet kidlets

So much of my jewelry now is either from them or is about them nowadays. I've got several pieces here on my desk right now that are from them. I have two necklaces - one from Sammie, one from Shawn, that are out on my desk, because, on our way back home from Texas - I wanted them in my purse so that I could keep them with me and keep them safe. And I keep my purse in the office here, so they never made it back to my room. And I kind of like it that way, because, that makes me think of wearing them more often. The necklace from Sammie says #1 Mom, and the necklace from Shawn is a peace angel. I also have a bracelet and a ring that Patrick made me on my desk. He was so creative in making them. The bracelet is pink and yellow paper folded up and rolled up and it came out really hard and sturdy - it's really cool. The ring - I just love the creativeness of this - is a piece of gold nugget he had, put on top of an empty key ring. And that is just the start of it - I have tons of jewelry about them!

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