Sunday, August 12, 2007

My back is killing me

I am quite certain the evil culprit would be our eleven year old, special clearance sale bed! I've been trying to do a little stretching here and there, but, I am nervous to do too much, because sometimes that actually makes it worse. I should probably get started on some daily sit-ups, because, I know that would be a great help. I should add it to my Healthy Habits List.

But we definitely need a new bed, that's for sure! I keep begging Mark to take me to the Century furniture store here in town so that we can at least check on the prices. I want to have a ballpark figure in my brain to know what to shoot for, you know?

That old thing in our bedroom is so bad that sometimes I'm even sleeping in my massage chair. Yes, having a massage chair is a lovely luxury. It is not, however, a really good place for sleeping. Some of the nights, though, I am just so desperate for some back support, that I do sleep in it.

Yesterday Mark wanted me to help him move our new swing that he just bought. He had just stained it, and it was so sweet of him to actually do the staining way at the end of the driveway so the smell wouldn't mess with any migraine-sensitive people Winking 2 - but, that did, however, mean that once it was done, I had to help him move it back up towards the house. I was moaning and groaning, and he was amused because he thought I was being a wimp and just moving the swing was hurting me. I told him that, no, my back had already been hurting and moving that thing sure didn't help! Not to mention it got my hands all sticky! But that's another issue entirely! (Me and my hand-cleaning OCD! *sigh*) The swing is pretty nice, though. It is made of cedar and will seat 2-3 people and we put it under the pecan tree and Mark is going to bring the firepit out there. I'm sure we will have some lovely evenings out there.

Am I a good post-wanderer, or what? We went from my back hurting to our new swing under the pecan tree...pretty good, eh? Winking 2

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