Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DUDE! I'm gettin' a Dell!

Don't you just miss those commercials? I loved that guy - he was so funny! And I'd love to hear him say 'his thing' to me right now! You know why? Because....

DUDE! I'm gettin' a Dell!

Ok, yes, it's true - I already have a Dell. That, my friends, is beside the point. You see, on Friday of this week, my sweet Daddy is driving 800 miles to bring me a brand-spanking new Dell laptop that he has purchased for me!

Spoiled much? Grin 2 Yeah, ok, my dad totally freaking ROCKS!! You Rock

It's kind of a long, drawn-out story of how this all came about, but, suffice it to say I was supposed to be getting a Dell laptop hand-me-down. And the winds of change blew into town, as they are often known to do, and here I sit - the spoiled brat I've always been. Hey! I may be a spoiled brat - but, I'm one grateful spoiled brat, that's for sure!

Thank You 2 Daddy!!

Now, I have no idea how much
Dell Memory this new bad boy has, I really don't quite 'get' all the in's and out's of memory. All of that jargon cornfuses me. It funny, it frustrates Mark to no end, because, he has explained all of that memory crap to me over and over again and I just DO NOT GET IT! It drives him crazy because I LIVE on my computer, I make my living on the computer, all of my little friends are in that 'little box on my desk'! Haha - that last remark is in reference to a very telling graphic a friend (in Canada!) left on my myspace once! I need to post that here one day! It made me laugh and laugh and laugh!

Who knows? Maybe when I post it, I'll be posting it from my new notebook! Woohoo!


Dyane said...

LOL I'm getting a Dell, too.. just waiting for it to be shipped :) Congrats!

Unknown said...

Thanks! And congrats to you, too! I'm so excited! We'll have to swap stories of getting used to the new machines!