Sunday, September 23, 2007

Child stardom often leads to such sadness

I was watching one of Lindsay Lohan's old movies with Sammie last night, and it just made me so sad for her. She was so cute and so sweet and such a delightful little actress. I say delightful, because, she wasn't all that great - but, she was fun to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her 'come of age' through her movies. It was fun to see her grow. And then, where did she wind up? In and out of drug rehabilitation units - it's so sad. And I was thinking, as we watched the movie, the percentage of these child stars that wind up like this is so great, that it is a wonder that any parent ever advocates for their child to land a big role. I do hope that she can pull her act together and live a happy life - it would be a shame to see her go down the tubes just because she wanted to be a movie star!

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