Sunday, September 9, 2007

We've got another bathroom!

We just got another bathroom! Just went online, ordered it, and it arrived last week! I'm so excited!
Ok, and I'm a total dork, too! That's not exactly how it happened! See, we moved into this 'three bathroom' house, only to discover it really was a 'one and two halves' bathroom house! Ugh! That's right - two of the shower faucets were totally un-useable! So, for the first time since the kids were toddlers, we are having to share a shower with them! Lame!

Well, last week, with my father coming into town, Mark got to working on the bathroom downstairs. It now has a working light in it, whereas before you had to turn on the light in the shower to see in there! And the shower is useable!

Now, true - this is in the basement, and doesn't help me all that much, but, it is a step in the right direction - and that just gets me to Singing In The Shower !!!

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