Sunday, September 9, 2007

I've finally started walking again.

And I have really been enjoying myself. The other day, I went walking when the college classes were switching, and I just happened to walk over by the college. And it was so neat to feel the 'vibes' of a college environment again. So that was pretty cool.

And one of the things that I've been doing while I'm walking is scoping out all the neighbor's mail boxes. No, not to steal their mail! Don't be silly! I'm shopping. Yes - shopping, checking out all the different kinds of mailboxes available right now. Our 'mailbox', and I use that term very loosely, is in such a pitiful state that it is not even funny! I'm so serious. For starters, it has a deceased man's name on the side of it. Ok, then. And what's really odd, is that we sometimes still get mail for him! He went to Heaven in the year 2000!! Alrighty, then!

He and his wife had this house built in the early 60's, and I'm quite positive that the mailbox we are using is the original one! I've been meaning to take a picture of it to blog, and now that I'm telling you all about it, I definitely have to!

I will, but, getting back to walking - it is so cool, because, I never have to spend another cent at a health club again! Really! See, our little neighborhood has been lovingly nicknamed, by yours truly, 'Little San Francisco'. And that it is.

There are hills this way, and there are hills that way. There are steep hills, and hills you don't even realize you're actually on until you become completely out of breath, and your calves want to reach up and choke you!

The multitude of variables I can apply to my workouts, just by taking a different route, are innumerable.

In fact, during one of my recent walks, I was thinking about how much weight I could have already lost, having been here since July of 2006, had I been a little more disciplined about getting my butt out there!

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