Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Headache NewsBlog

Now here is a blog that I need to keep up with, for sure - The Headache NewsBlog! I think I'll be adding them in my blogroll here! These people know a lot about headaches, migraines in particular, and seem to be up on what's current in the treatment of such. I don't know that I've blogged about it here as much as I have at Hippie Spelunker, but, I am a chronic migraine sufferer, or migraineur, as we are sometimes called. They talk a lot on this headache site about Botox for headaches. I've heard little bits and pieces through the years about this, but, I don't know much about it and certainly have never tried it. A lot of what I have tried is either over-the-counter remedies or meds that I'm already on. I don't have health insurance, so that severely limits my treatment options. One thing that really freaked me out on The Headache NewsBlog was discussion of surgery for migraines. Some doctors actually propose cutting some muscles in the forehead - yeowtch! I would venture to say that, along with myself, many other migraineurs would not even begin to consider this. I can imagine the plan totally backfiring and a lifetime of extreme pain - no thank you. Besides that, look at it this way - something inside my skull is killing me - and I'm going to let you near it with something sharp and the intent to do some cutting?! I don't think so! Luckily, the doctors at this site, do not speak very highly of this procedure. It would be so awesome if someone would come up with a plan of treatment that wasn't unbelievably expensive, though, like some of the few that I have tried. I never went back to using any of them because they just cost too much. I'm going to definitely keep my eyes on this blog, though, and see if I can learn anything helpful to get rid of these buggers!

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