Sunday, September 9, 2007

RC Cars and Trucks

I love RC Cars and Trucks! They are so much fun, and now they are getting so fancy - and so fast! Some of them even run on real gasoline! I posted over on Hippie Spelunker - H2 the other day about how much I love trucks, and how it all began, and why my 'Hippie' blog is nicknamed for a gas-guzzling monster!

And at 37 years old, I still have a very healthy love of toys - and you put trucks and toys together, and the FUN is on!!

There was this one RC pickup truck once, that was for sale one Christmas at our local grocery store, and I wanted it so badly!! There was one small hangup Mark had with buying it for me! (Men- gah!)Winking 2 What was the hangup? The bugger cost $400!! Oh my gawd!

That one was really big, but, about that same time, they came out with some that weren't that big, but, were totally awesome! They were definitely larger than your average RC car, but, they were so freaking fast, it was unbelievable!

We were at my mom's house on Christmas day, and we kept hearing this VERY loud noise outside! My first thought was, 'Who on earth is doing yardwork on Christmas?!'

And then my next thought was, 'And why in the heck is their power tool so loud?!'

But then we looked outside and couldn't believe what we saw! Setting up the scene in your head, my mom lives across the street from my elementary school. So every Christmas, everyone is out there in the driveway with their new bikes, rollerskates, skateboards, RC cars, etc! It is lots of fun watching the parade of neighbors and seeing what everybody got from Santa!

And that is what we saw - a guy running his new RC car down the length of the school driveway (about eight houses long) in just seconds! It was so awesome!

I unashamedly nurture my love for toys. Some people think it is silly, but, I think it is good for mental health! But the weird thing is, I never looked these speed-demon RC cars up - not even once! What was I thinking?! I'm heading to the Hobby Warehouse right now to go look them up - I hope they're not as much as that giant $400 one, because the college parking lot across the street would be perfect for them!

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