Sunday, September 9, 2007

Should weight loss be motivated by gifts?

I don't know, I often think that just being thin and healthy again would be, and should be, enough of a prize. I think that maybe it would be enough motivation. But, as I'm still stuck in the same old place, maybe 'dangling the carrot' is not such a bad idea.

A couple of Decembers ago, I bought myself the most gorgeous purple suede dress, thinking it could serve this purpose. I actually found it at the Goodwill, but, it was in such amazingly good condition - for only $6 - that I had to snatch it up! I knew it was way too many sizes too small, but, with it being in such good condition, and being just the kind of dress that I love - I bought it, thinking I would motivate myself to get moving, knowing that it was in my closet waiting for me.

It is still waiting, though. Maybe the prize needs to get bigger - I like the thought of that.Winking 2 I would love to reward myself with a trip! It would be really great, and inspiring, to know that if I met my weight loss goals, I could go on a nice getaway! I'd love to go to New York City - one of my very favorite cities! My mom took me a few years back, and we are both itching to go again. Or I could go to Branson, Missouri - ever since I read about it in Reader's Digest years ago, I have wanted to go there! It's cool, because it is billed as "Family Friendly Las Vegas", and seeing as I no longer drink or party, that would fit me perfectly! (Well, except for my 'sailor's mouth' - we'll have to work on that, too, I guess!)

So - what do you think? Do you think offering up gifts or trips as the proverbial carrot is a good way to approach getting healthier?

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