Saturday, September 8, 2007

I see 'Skinny Lisa' - don't you?

I see her, she's right there - right over there! Don't you see her? If you don't - then you're just not looking hard enough. See, I talked to a psychic recently, and I really liked her! She was so nice, and even though she refused to give me the winning lottery numbers, she did help me feel a lot better!

And the most important thing that I came away with, was to 'see myself thin'. My instructions were to look in the mirror several times a day and envision myself skinny again. There really is something to that. All kinds of life coaches will tell you the same thing. I think that is the main premise behind 'The Secret', too. I haven't watched the whole thing, yet, so I'm not sure. But I'm pretty sure it is.

So now you might be wanting to ask me, 'Well, Lisa, is it working? Huh, is it?' Well, I could answer that if I'd been good about doing it. I haven't. I think I did it for a few days after talking with her, and then life got busy and life got crazy, and the best laid plans...

You know how the story goes. Maybe I should add it to The Healthy Habits List.


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