Sunday, September 23, 2007

Clay Nelson Life Balance

I just listened to the most wonderful motivational CD's! They were by Clay Nelson, who is an awesome life coach and is so inspiring! There were three of the CD's, and I just listened to them practically straight through, so that I could come and tell you about them. But I intend to listen to them again, more slowly this time, stopping in between to actually do the exercises he recommends. And then I will come back and update you as I go through each one. The set I listened to is the Getting Started Series - Having a Say in How Your Life Turns Out. I totally loved everything that he had to say, and he really opened my eyes to some of my skewed perceptions of life around me. One of my biggest issues right now, probably my biggest issue (no pun intended) ;) is my weight. And the funny thing is that I didn't subconsciously set out to, or decide to, make any changes after listening. I just felt emotionally and spiritually rejuvenated, and I haven't been eating as much, as a result. So - before I actually, intentionally, put into practice, any of his advice - things are already better for me. Can you imagine how amazing it will be when I intentionally follow his guidelines? Totally awesome! I can't wait to go back through the audio program and then get my life and my spirit back on track!

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Anonymous said...

How strange to hear someone gushing over Clay Nelson. I worked for him years ago and watched him yell, cuss, belittle employees, and throw things at them when he was mad. Try working for him and you'll see the real Clay. John.