Sunday, September 9, 2007

Give me light or just forget it!

It is so true - when I get depressed, a dark and dreary room just makes it worse! When we have day after day of cloudiness, I start to get a little crazy - especially in my kitchen! It is so dim, and I just cannot brighten it up in there! I keep thinking that there is some light that I haven't turned on because it is so gloomy in there, and I look around for one more light to turn on - that 'magic, let's all feel better now', light! And it's just not there. I think whoever bought the main light fixture for the kitchen just picked the wrong kind for the way that room is set up. I would love to buy something else for in there, like maybe a pretty lamp. I actually thought we had the problem solved the other day, because I accidentally knocked a piece off of the cooktop. And it was the piece that covered up the fluorescent light on the cooktop. When I turned on that light without the cover on, it so brightly illuminated the room - almost exactly like I've been wanting! It was just too glaring without the cover on. And I was sure that the light hadn't been working, and that somehow, by knocking the top of it off, I had made it work. And that if Mark could just get the piece that fell behind the stove, and put it back on, all would be well.

But, yet again, I'm so silly. The cover was metal, not the opaque covers you generally find on fluorescent lights. And when we put it back on, it did work. The only thing is, I remembered that it had been working all along. But, with that darn metal cover on it, it only illuminated the cooktop. That was a bummer!

The really tricky part of all of this is that I need light to curb my depression, but, with all of these migraines, I need darkness. Now that is quite a pickle to be in!


The Insane Writer said...

I know this feeling all too well. It's strange how cloudiness can change your mood.

Unknown said...

Yeah, it's crazy! I hate it when it's just day after day of clouds!

Jennifer said...

Well that IS a pickle.

We were supposed to have a gloomy, tropical storm today. I was in such a horrible mood, but then the sun surprisingly came out and all is suddenly well!

Unknown said...

Yes, it is quite tricky place to be!

I'm glad your storm didn't storm! Sometimes that's just all I need to put a big smile on my face - one little ray of sunshine poking through the clouds hopefully! :)

Hewy Nosleep said...

A camp fire always make me feel better for some reason. Organizing and cleaning helps me too!

Unknown said...

You know, that is so true, for me, as well - about campfires! And my husband loves them, too and bought us a firepit for here at the house - I just love it!!

When I can get the oomph to clean and organize - that definitely works, too!