Thursday, July 26, 2007

Expired face threading

Ok, it's more like my hair just grew back, but, my face threading has expired!
Winking 8
When we were in Dallas, my sister-in-law, the coolest ever chic on the planet (Hi Tracy!) asked me if there was someplace in particular that I wanted to go while I was there that she could take me to. And as we'd already had food from my favorite vegetarian Chinese restaurant, the next thing on my mind was face threading. There is a nice little place right by Tracy's house that does it for a very good price!

If you are wondering what exactly face threading is, check here: Threading (epilation) Wikipedia, I just love that site!

Well, so anyway, I just noticed yesterday, that my eyebrows are starting to look a bit scruffy. That is a long time! That is totally awesome!

I am going to have to start doing some investigating and see if there is someplace around here that offers this service! I absolutely love it!

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