Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm finally ready for a real desk

I just love this table that I've used for a desk for years! It is just too high, though. When I was in Dallas, and I was typing on my sister-in-law's office computer, I was the FASTEST typist! It was awesome! So it helped me finally be ready to get an actual desk. I will definitely keep this table for working on, but, just not for computing on. The table is so high, that I have to have my chair on the highest setting, so my lap is not parallel to the floor - and my ankles get all swollen up. I am pretty sure that that is because the nerves on the back of my legs are being pressed - or the blood can't flow down there easily, or whatever. And I know this is so wrong - but, my forearms lay flat on the table when I'm typing. So wrong. But I've really liked it that way for a long time. But I'd love to go get some real office furniture, so that I can type faster and easier and so that my legs can be more comfortable. I just always hated those typical 'computer desks', because they are so darn small. What my sister-in-law had that was so awesome was a little tray for her keyboard. So that is what I would love to get - a regular office desk, and a keyboard tray! That would totally rock! If I am really going to do this working from home, I have got to make my office environment friendly to my physical well-being and right now it just isn't.

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