Saturday, July 28, 2007

Boys can be so silly

Those of the grown-up variety, that is. See, Mark's been taking the kids out shopping for all of their school supplies. So I asked him to get me some more Pens, because, the kids have stolen all but ONE of mine off of my desk! They were sort of nice ones, too, that he had bought me for Christmas. So you know what he did, upon hearing that request? He went over to the cabinet where he keeps all of his office stuff, got me out one black pen, and handed it to me. 'Here ya go', he says. I tell ya, when it comes to spending green stuff on people, grown-up boys just don't like it! Ugh! I'm gonna have to take the checkbook and go get myself some damn pens! Might buy a little desktop safe to keep them in, too! Grrr!

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