Monday, July 30, 2007

Dreamy Branson

How's that for just plain dreamy? That is a four-bedroom lodge in Branson, Missouri. I, personally, would like to call it home - not vacation spot. I would kill for a home like that! And I've heard so much cool stuff about Branson. I've just had fun this morning checking into some Branson real estate - I've found out all kinds of cool information, including how great their schools sound! Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but, I'm thinking of Branson, as the place where an asian guy who is a FABULOUS country singer or something, went and turned this place into the next Las Vegas. And now it has all these casinos and stuff. I think I might be way off base here, folks. Someone correct me.... But I did read some wonderful things about the place. Along with a great, hip and happenin' night life, they've got amazing geographical beauty and wonderful outdoorsy stuff to do! You know I dig that! And like I said, it also sounds like they've got really great schools! Anyway, my family and I stayed in a lodge like that in Colorado, and I just loved it - I think it would so cool to actually get to live in it!

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