Friday, July 27, 2007

Allergy attack!

This has turned out to be quite a rotten day. I woke up with an allergy attack, as I do almost every day. This morning, however, it would not go away! It was awful. Mark had bought me some medicine that my brother recommended, that wouldn't make me drowsy. It didn't help me, though. So all I have to rely on is benadryl, which of course, makes me very drowsy. The morning attacks usually go away a little while after I've gotten up, but, this morning that did not happen! I wound up having to take benadryl and so now I'm Miss Zombie Queen. I had to even go lie down for an hour. I can't get a whole lot of blogging done lying down in bed!

I have no idea if this is just coincidental or not, but, I took my shower this morning. And I am just wondering if that made the attack worse. I can't quite explain how I think it might work, but, I am relating it to Sensory Integration Dysfunction. I have done a lot of research on SID, and have family members, including myself, who have it. But with SID, when you get out of the shower, it is like you are raw - raw and vulnerable. Nerve-ending-wise. So if one is in a more vulnerable state, one could react to what one is allergic to in a stronger way. Do you see what I'm saying? Anyway, I'm not sure if it really could be that way, but, I'm thinking it might.

I really want to get some type of prescription for my allergies, because, on days like today, my entire schedule gets flip-flopped around because of the dumb attacks! I think there are prescription meds, that would not make me drowsy and work better than that other one that I tried! It is hard, though, to make the decision to actually go to the doctor, because we don't have insurance. Life sucks without insurance, and we really need to get some! It is just so damn expensive! And then you still have to pay $40 for a visit - at least, that is what we had to on our last insurance. We do need to get some more, though, if nothing else at least children insurance so that we are safeguarded against any major medical issues. I would love to get all five of us on a plan, but, I just don't know if we can afford it.

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