Monday, July 16, 2007

Honorary badge and getting focused!

Today I get one of these:It's an honorary badge - just like colleges give out honorary degrees - I'm giving myself an honorary 'List Complete' badge! See, I haven't actually completed the list in quite some time, however, I did some SERIOUS exercising last weekend! We went to Canyon River Falls and went hiking around and had a great time. And one of our hikes almost killed me! So I'd say that qualifies me for a badge! Winking 5

I am, however, concentrating on getting back on track since we've been back from Texas. I seem to always miss a thing or two, but, I'm working on it every day. I have a lot of friends online focusing on getting healthy and that is inspiring me and helping me out!

I am so grateful that so many of my friends are on the same wavelength, because it helps so much. There are so many days when I just completely pretend I have nothing to work on and completely ignore my health. With all my friends talking about it all the time, though, it is hard to BS myself!

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