Friday, July 27, 2007

Me and my honey

The other day Mark took us to see a house for rent that is so cool! It is two stories, with a full basement, so basically - three stories. It had a detached two-car garage, and a church was two doors down. That would be so cool to get up on Sunday morning and walk to church! Two doors down! And it had a golf course across the street, so Sammie and I got started talking about golf. And then we meandered over to the topic of mine and Mark's first date. And that sweet little girl has just got my stories down! I love that! She remembered that the 'first date story' involved golf balls, or a golf ball, I should say. We had gone miniature golfing, and you know how on the last hole, you are supposed to hit your ball into the hole, and back it goes into the building, to be used again? Well, I didn't do that - it was my first date and I wanted a memento of it! I was keepin' that ball, darn it! And I did - and do you know that has been fifteen years now that I have been hanging onto that thing? I can't believe it!

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